Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Target Treasures Tuesday

Yesterday my Mom, sister and I did a little Target Treasure Hunt.

I'll be honest, we mostly ended up with food.

All of their holiday items were marked down 50% and that included food. Yeah.

But I thought I'd share a few recent Target finds as well as some of my new Hobby Lobby goodies.

I just got these adorable velvet and brass Nate Berkus frames from Target on clearance for $7.49 for the pair! Paired with my flamingo print I scored at Hobby Lobby while it was 60 (yes 60) percent off, and my $5.00 orchid steal from Home Depot, I am feeling very Palm Beach.

Some close-ups. I just love them! I was really torn between putting the green one in the living room or in my bedroom, but I guess that just means this little frame has flexibility! I love buying things that can go in multiple rooms. When I get in a re-decorating move, I can transition those pieces easily and shop what I already own.

Yep, that's another VITTSJO hack. But it's such a good hack! Look how pretty and shiny that is!

I got the pink storage box with the metal corners for a few bucks from Hobby Lobby, as well as the gold foil art print. 8 bucks!

The painting is by yours truly, you can purchase a print at my shop, here.
The books are from Shutterfly.

My beautiful ampersand mirror is another Hobby Lobby treasure. Only 20 bucks for that baby! And yes, that is a half-empty bottle of wine back there. No judging. It's still half full.

So this really ended up being mostly Hobbly Lobby treasures, but like I said.. most of my hard earned Target money was spent on all that clearance food! And I'd take photos of all my deals but I totally ate it all.

What have you found that you are loving lately?

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