Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Home Tour Sneak Peek: Graham's Room

Onto my son's room!

When we purchased the home, this room was functioning as a bedroom already, but horribly outdated and so, so BLUE. Blue walls, blue carpet, blue.

The space seemed so small and cramped.

Now it feels cramped with toys! But much more suitable for a toddler (who loves toys).

I ripped out the carpet myself, painted walls and trim. My husband added a brass light fixture to the existing fan to at least make it functional for now. Hubby also made that amazing reclaimed wood bookshelf, full of thrifted treasures.

A closer shot of his shelving unit.

Oh, look! More toys! That rocking horse belonged to his great-grandfather when HE was just a child so it is priceless! And yet it's still sturdy enough that I have no fears about my wild man damaging it.

These built-ins came in handy when Graham's dresser literally snapped in half on the moving trailer.

Still lots of work to be done here. I have since started adding window treatments, cleared many of the toys, and switched up the bed for a toddler bed from Ikea. It gives him more room to run around and set up his Thomas Tracks. Because really, isn't that what kids' rooms are for?

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