Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Fabric Love: Michael Miller

Hello, again!

Are any of you Fabric.Com trolls like me? If not, you should be. They are incredibly affordable and have a great selection. I have used them countless times.

After trolling again this morning I came across some picks from one of my favorite designers they feature, Michael Miller, and wanted to share!

His fabrics are cute, whimsical, colorful, and oh so fun! I have used them for curtains, pillows, bedding, you name it! I also think the designs are perfect for quilting, especially for children/baby minded crafters.

Some of my Michael Miller children's fabric picks:

1. Children at Play On Parade Double Border Multi - This sweet and airy scene would make an adorable bolster in a little girl's room!
2. Gnomeville Border Red - I love the vintage Hobbit feel.
3. Trailer Travel Camp Multi - In the vintage Airstream Trailer I own in my head, this would be used in a quilt for cozy nights camping with the kiddos.
4. Retro Rocket Rascals Multi - I love the retro Jetsons vibe.
5. Retro Candy Shop Cream - Someone please put this in a retro kitchen! Maybe a covered high chair or child's seat?
6. Flamingo Love Flamingo - Flamingos are very trendy right now, which is great because they are PINK!

Michael Miller decor fabric picks:

1. Bekko Home Decor Parquet Navy - Love the graphic blue and white!
2. Bekko Home Decor Pagoda Garden Blue - A very classic-feeling print.
3. Laminates Neon Pink - It's laminate pink fabric. I need it.
4. Rouge Et Noir Freckled White - Very on-trend spots - they're everywhere!
5. Sultana Deco Geo Black - Our home was built in 1937 so I am into all things deco.
6. Kiss Dot Clementine - Polka dots plus this hot color? Yes, please.

These fabrics are incredibly affordable to boot! So become a Fabric.Com addict and get DIY-ing!!

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