Monday, March 23, 2015

$3.00 Chair Makeover

Well, so much for spring! We are buried again here in the good old W of I. So all of these great outdoor projects I have been wanting to accomplish will have to wait a bit longer!

But I wanted to share this little tid bit with you all this morning! The easiest chairs to reupholster.

This little project cost me $3.00. Yes, $3.00

The chair was free, and the fun fabric was on clearance at Joann's for $6.00 a yard. It only takes a half a yard for one of these chairs and you can find them everywhere! My Mom and I just found some more at the Salvation Army for next to nothing this past week. You can unify a mismatched set with fabric, or jazz up just one chair for a small accent like I did. This chair sits next to our french patio doors. It's nice to sit down and take your shoes off, or set your garden gloves on when you have to take Dr. Pepper break! :)

On chairs like these, you simply remove the screws underneath (mine only had four), and place the new fabric over the old. I tucked it in tight and secured it with just a bit of fabric glue. You can also use a staple gun, but the frame of this chair was so solid, it is holding the fabric nicely. The glue was simply to keep any scraggly bits from hanging underneath and tempting my cat to tear it apart. :)

I also like to polish up the wood with a bit of lemon and olive oil and make it look brand new. Super easy right? I am a bit chair obsessed but at $3.00, it's a reasonably priced infatuation. I might add one of those adorable coral deco pillows from Target for a bit of color, but we'll see!! And as soon as you get bored with this patter, guess what? You can easily do it again!

Happy chair hunting!

Xo, Natasha

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