Monday, February 23, 2015

Meet Mercedes!

Hi, all!

Sorry for the silence over here! I've been fighting with a sore throat for a week now, and just this past week we added another member to our family because I am crazy and apparently not nearly overwhelmed enough!

Meet Mercedes:

Mercedes is an 8 year old Black and Tan Coonhound that we adopted from the local humane society. She had been over bred, starved, and given her manners I seriously doubt she was let in the house very often!

Our Chocolate lab, Moose, like any new big brother, was super excited at their first meeting. Day two, he was exhausted. By day three, he was following me around and staring at me as if wondering when we were taking her back. They have now comfortable settled into a love/hate relationship. If they are not playing together, patrolling the yard, or snoozing, then they are growling over each others treats and toys.

She really is so beautiful, I don't know who could get rid of such a sweet girl. With a little training on household etiquette, she will make a great addition to our family!


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